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From Small Hometown Band to Rock Stardom
About The Band

Here's the scoop...


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Come Back Ali was formed in October 2003 in
Bartlesville, OK. Doug (former guitarist for the band
Bittersweet) met Nick (also a member of the acoustic
group The Super Rad Clark and Smith Experience) in his
college english class, later finding out that Nick was
looking for some guys to start a band. Chase (who was
also a former bandmate of Doug in Bittersweet) joined
soon after.

Their guitar-driven emo-rock sound comes from a
variety of influences, including Dashboard
Confessional, Finch and Anberlin. Their lyrics are
blatantly honest, incredibly heartfelt and almost have
a "journal" feel to them.   

"I've never really considered myself a musician," says
Nick, "but if I touch one person with my music, then I
can die happily as a 'musician'".

"Passion. That's what I want our music to be about."

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