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From Small Hometown Band to Rock Stardom

The music is what matters most...


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John Cusack
Your closed window shut me out again
The walk home is biting cold at 2 in the mornin'
I turn around to see your face but your not there
I've lost another fight, I'll just try again tomorrow night
This is the place where i used to laugh
It's wasted, I'm wasted
And I close my eyes to bring it back
It's all in vain, just replace it with another pain
All alone in my bedroom, dreaming of you in your room
If only you could see me, my sleeping beauty
But your eyes closed so tight, won't see me tonight
As you watch the rose petals fall off the stem
It wasn't that long ago that I gave you them
Sitting on your kitchen table without water in the vase
Another sad reminder that I'm still in second place.

Actions Against Words
I'm not the first kid to sing this song
I'm not the last guy to prove you wrong
I'm not the guy who's trying to bring you down
You think you know what living is
Until you meet someone who tries to bring you down
Hypocracy is your middle name
Actions against words is your favorite game
Don't count on me, don't rain on my parade
It's not up to me, you choose the lfe you've made
Here I go again, my feelings out the door
Don't count on me, because I don't love you anymore
I see the good in everyone
I'd say the best is yet to come
Your hair falls down around your shoulders
You always were interested in boys much older
And as I walk away, you call my name
But I won't turn around this time, I won't turn
around this time...

My Bedroom Floor

I dont ever wanna grow up, baby
If it means losing you
I'll be here until tommorow
Until then, you'll be on my mind
I can see the horizon falling
Everytime that I close my eyes
One more time around this block
And I swear I'll be just fine

That's when I lie on my bedroom floor again, I'm not the same I was way back when, Tonight, start it over now, rearrange the pieces somehow...

Tonight is the first night, not spent in front of a screen, time spent with you, yet, unseen. And I can't believe there's not a soft light in this place, and I can't believe that I'm counting the days till I see your face. Which causes me to remember, I'll be home in December, does that excite you? So I'll sit here with my best friends, these pages between two ends, till that plane takes me home, alone....

New shirts and ripped jeans

My new shirt reminds me of you,
And all the times we shared.
Feelings they were so true,
Your eyes they were so blue and I remember the time we ice skated on that pond. Your jeans were ripped, and your cheeks were flush, and your hair, long and blonde.

Times, they do change.

Sugar-coat these arsenic words,
for ease of digestion, for reasons unmentioned, a lack of comprehension on my part. And who could disgrace a face like that, I'll not be the first one, I'll not be the first one.

Times, they have changed.

If you could only see me now...
Do you remember the flowers in the front seat of my car?
And the mess I made, I can't clean up, the stress I gave was way too much, and I'll sit here in the dark.