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From Small Hometown Band to Rock Stardom



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Full Name: Doug J. Jones
Birthday: May 23th, 1986
Hometown: Bartlesville, OK
Instruments: Drums
Hobbies: curling and cooking
Favorite Foods:easy mac, ramen noodles, butter
3 Favorite CD's/cassettes/records:Alister, Coldplay-rush of blood to the head, Culture Club
3 Favorite Movies:Ferris Beuller's Day Off, Dumb and Dumber, Van Wilder
3 Favorite Books:Where The Sidewald Ends-Shel Silverstein, The Great Gastby-F.Scott Fitzgerald, Harvard School of Law Annual 1942
Xanga Name: Embittered
3 Odd Facts:I can shoot fireworks out of my crotch, when i pee it burns, Chase's middle name is Rebecca
Thank Yous:My parents, Kristen Davis, Papa John's Pizza

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