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From Small Hometown Band to Rock Stardom


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Full Name: Nicholas Andrew Messer

Birthday: July 22, 1985

Hometown: Ostrander, OH
Instrument: Guitar/Vocals

Hobbies: music, classic video games, journaling

Favorite foods: mac and cheese, candy corn, animal

3 favorite CDs/cassettes/records: The Blue
Album(Weezer), The Moon is Down(Further Seems Forever)
and Learning to Accept Silence(In Pieces)

3 favorite movies: Back to the Future, Karate Kid and
Evil Dead

3 favorite books: Teen Study Bible, Creepy Susie and
Everyone Poops

Xanga name: NES_emo_boi

3 odd facts: I was a child model, I use way to many
napkins and I'm a telemarketer.

Thank Yous: God, my family, everyone at Dayspring and
OWU, Matt, Kristen, anyone who ever believed in me and everyone who reads this site. 

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